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MidCity Makers Market

Southern Makers Market

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Baton Rouge, LA - It began, as many things do, as an idea between friends. In hindsight, these things always make more sense as if they were always “supposed to be.”  Madeline Ellis, a jewelry maker, was gearing up for the holidays and decided to move her trunk show from her home to a building her and her husband co-owned in the city. Soon, there were e-mails pouring in from other local artists wondering how they could be a part of what was happening. A few weeks later, Madeline Ellis, Paul Claxton, and Justin Lemoine held the first Midcity Makers Market;  There were 12 Makers and a humble little table with free coffee.


The response was incredible.


This monthly market on South Eugene has grown to host nearly 100 makers and artists, live music, a kid’s corner, and several local food and beverage vendors.


Here we are now -  This wasn’t just luck. We’ve invested our lives, poured our hearts into, and worked long hours every day leading up to the creation of this brand. Before Midcity Makers & Southern Makers Markets, we were (and are) makers ourselves, business & brand consultants, creative directors, moms and dads, and beyond. We are inspired by the work that you do, the creation of something that is not only beautiful but functions well and serves our lives, and the community that we all create together.  Quality goods and community are at the heart of what we do and who we are.


Fall, 2017 we went live with Southern Makers Market. From the mossy swamps of Florida to the mesquite lined deserts of Texas, we've found the brands that inspired us and echoed the heart of our mission:


To inspire and embrace, to uphold integrity, and to seek out quality in everything from our boots to everyday living.