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Knock Knock Donations


Knock Knock Children’s Museum is expertly designed to provide learning zones (exhibits) and programs to stimulate informal learning experiences for young children. Knock Knock Children’s Museum is located in City-Brooks Community Park on Dalrymple Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and serves the families of the Capital Region.

Knock Knock is the result of the work of dedicated volunteers and advocates for early education, a pivotal partnership with The Recreation and Parks Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC), and the generous philanthropic support of the community.

In the Maker Shop, you can play around with ideas, put things together or take them apart, and explore new technologies. There are plenty of tools and reusable items for you to use while you think and tinker. Don’t have a problem you need to solve? Then take the daily design challenges to find out how many great ideas you have!


Fostering the creative minds of the future is an important mission of the MidCity Makers Market.  We're partnering with our friends at Knock Knock to help collect materials for the Maker Shop.  See below for a list of items we'll be collecting at our next market on April 12th!

Items include but are not limited to:

 Adhesives/tapes: stickers, window stripping, promotional items, copper tape (slug tape)

Architectural and home furnishing: Formica, carpet samples, flooring samples

Ceramics: tiles, fixtures, pieces, buttons, beads

Electronics/wiring: computer keyboards, magnets, circuit boards, wiring in boxes or rolls, thick wire for sculpting, old telephones, toys that move, light, up, or make sounds

Fabrics: all fabrics, bolts, strips, canvas, velour, quilts, ribbon

Felt: cutouts, end pieces, lettering, numbers, full sheets, tools

Foam: cutouts, end cuts, package inserts (no peanuts and tiny balls), full sheets, shapes, foam core

Leather: scraps, cutouts, strips, shearling

Marketing Materials: billboards, buttons, magnets, key chains, conference decorations

Metal: springs, connectors, washers, nuts, screws, casing, brackets, buckles, gears, doorknobs etc. (NOTE: NO sharp edges or oily residues)

Mylar: rolls or flat sheets

Packaging Materials: plastic foam, wrap, blocks, sheets

Paper: big sheets, oak tag, tissue, crepe, end cuts, cards, adhesive, etc.

Photo Negatives

Plastics: injection molded pieces, tubes, beads, caps, buttons, Plexiglas, cut outs, polyethylene sheets, eye-droppers, large cellophane rolls, trays, etc.

Vinyl: small or large pieces, strips, sheets, old or broken records

Wood: smooth, non-splintered pieces, dowels, Masonite, circles, cubes, odd shapes, finished/unfinished

Yarn, string, thread: shoelaces, lace, lanyard, twine, strapping, ribbon, empty spools


NOT ALLOWED: Anything with internal combustion motors, cardboard toilet paper rolls, anything with vacuum tubes (TV monitors for example), anything dirty, toxic, or with obscene imagery