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A holiday home trunk show that out-grew the home


The Mid City Makers Market was born when a holiday home trunk show outgrew the home. The move to a more public spot in Mid-City Baton Rouge made too much sense, we own the building and decided to pool our resources and see what could happen.

Our goal is to create a laid back shopping experience for you in the middle of Mid City. A chance for you to skip the big box stores and shop small in your neighborhood with your very own favorite local makers.

We're excited to take this from our backyard into the heart of the city, we look forward to seeing you!



Very last minute, Dawson & Madeline Ellis of MIMOSA Handcrafted were planning a last chance to shop, holiday home trunk show with a handful of maker friends. The event quickly outgrew their house so they decided to move it. Since they own the building at 541 S. Eugene  Street in the heart of MidCity along with Justin Lemoine of ELSLA Studio & Jeremy Spikes of Me-Moes, it only made sense to hold it there.  We quickly enlisted the help of Paul Claxton of Southern Collaborative who for the last year has been the leader of weekly business brainstorming sessions over coffee. 

We confirmed with the makers, had branding whipped up by our old classmate Matt Dawson of Stay Gray PonyBoy, secured a Santa, decided on food and drink, music and games, all in the wee hours after and before our regular jobs.  

We set out to host a laid back makers pop up,  it quickly grew into an event we're all hoping won't be the last. 


(left) Paul Claxton, Justin Lemoine, Madeline Ellis, and Dawson Ellis

(left) Paul Claxton, Justin Lemoine, Madeline Ellis, and Dawson Ellis